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"We take our daughter to the Mommy and me. There is so much beauty in these classes! We learn Jewish songs, she learns tzedakah and we make projects for the Jewish holidays. It is bringing the essence of Judiasm into our home!" - Diana Makkabi


"Gan Chaya is amazing. The children love being here, community is amazing, always with a positive attitude. They are learning so much! I am so glad I brought my children to Gan Chaya and that we are part of this community." - Elodie Abeniam


"It is a wonderful experience. Morah Channa brought so much love and positivity into their lives and I have seen so much growth in her being here." - Dr. C Parvizyar


"When my daughter was one, I looked for preschools in the neighborhood and Gan Chaya was the first one we looked at. Upon entering, Morah Channa was so welcoming and nurturing! I got this great vibe from her that I could never let go of. We looked at more schools over the year but kept coming back, thinking this feels right. The welcoming spirit of all the teachers and students is felt automatically. I have seen lots of different schools and I can say that Gan Chaya provides everything a child needs to thrive. It provides nurture and support, for families and kids. I cant thank everyone here enough!" - Roxanne Benjamin, OT


"She loves it! We are so happy! It is a positive, loving, caring, trusting environment." - Shabnam Benafsheha, ST


"We are so blessed that our kids are part of Gan Chaya. Our son has grown leaps ands bounds in the 3 years he has been here. He has made friends that have become like family, he has found so much joy in life, in being Jewish and in being part of a community that really supports and cares about the jewish soul. That is something you don't see everywhere. We are so happy to be part of Gan Chaya!" - Gilit Roshan

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