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We are Gan Chaya. We create leaders. We grow community. We are passionate about what we do and put our heart and soul into every detail.


We base ourselves off the Torah's teaching "Educate a child according to his way". Every child has their own unique way of learning and discovering. Here in Gan Chaya, we strive to provide each child with their unique learning experience while working together to create the beautiful community environment that Gan Chaya is.


Environment is key when it comes to nurturing our children. We are blessed to have our school located in the heart of Brentwood, with nature surrounding us everywhere on our facility. We spend a good amount of our day outdoors and make our indoor environment just as natural.


When educating a child, there are 3 partners. The parents, the teacher and the child. Here at Gan Chaya we value the parent’s role as the children's first teacher and strongest partner. We cherish your involvement and value your input. We believe that such a partnership will ensure synergy between home and school.


With all this said, we are proud to welcome you to Gan Chaya!


To schedule a tour or get in touch, please click here.



Gan Chaya is a program of Chabad Jewish Center of Brentwood

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