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Our Preschool program is based off the Torah's teaching: "Educate a child according to his way".


In Gan Chaya, we follow the children's lead. Through play, we develop our senses and knowledge while exploring our interest. Every unit is learnt through math, science, art, literacy, dramatic play, building and music. We believe that each child absorbs information from the world around them through different intelligences so we cater to them all and enhance all aspects. 


Our teachers play the role of facilitators. Through nurture, care and love, they help our children take experiences and turn them into opportunities for learning and growth. We love to step back and watch as the children make discoveries on their own and develop their own ideas.


Play is key in our learning process. As they have fun, the children enhance all of these areas as well as learning communication and social skills.


For example: Two children are playing with the blocks, building a high, narrow tower. Child A says to B "I want to try to add a third block on top. Can you hold the tower steady while I grab a chair and put it up?"


What was learned in that interaction? These children were counting, learning how to make structures balance, collaborating and enhancing their gross motor skills all through a simple act of play. In Gan Chaya, all play is an opportunity for more learning and growing. Through this method, our children learn how to identify their name, count, draw images, read and build their confidence. And this is just the beginning. 


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